Author = Mohsen Nasrabady
Mineralogy and thermobarometry of metamorphic basement from the Kabul Block (Eastern Afghanistan)

Volume 10, Issue 4, December 2020, Pages 1-22


Ali Mohammad Ramezani; Mohsen Nasrabady; Kazem Gholizadeh; AmirMohamad Mosazai

Mineralogy, thermobarometry and tectonic setting implication of garnet-clinopyroxene amphibolite in the Nain ophiolitic complex

Volume 6, Issue 23, October 2015, Pages 181-202

Mohsen Nasrabady; Morteza Delavari; Marjan Partovi

Mineralogy, petrogenesis and tectonic setting interpretation of Kuh-e-Sarhangi area granites (northwest of Lut block)

Volume 6, Issue 21, April 2015, Pages 179-199

Ali Yasaghi; Mohsen Nasrabady; Mohammad Mohajjel

Thermobarometry and tectonic setting interpretation of blue schist facies rocks from the Asalem metamorphic complex (NW Rasht)

Volume 5, Issue 19, December 2014, Pages 139-154

Abbas Asiabanha Rezaei; Mohsen Nasrabady; Saadat Mohammad