Author = Mansouri Esfahani, Mahin
Geochemistry and source of tourmaline from the Soheyle-Pakuh granitoid body (North of Nain)

Volume 9, Issue 2, September 2018, Pages 123-138


Mahin Mansouri Esfahani; Mohammad ‎ Bakhshi

The study of P-T formation of Kolah Ghazi granitoid based on mineralogical relationships (southeast of Isfahan)

Volume 6, Issue 24, January 2016, Pages 171-196

Mahin Mansouri Esfahani; Mahmoud Khalili; Afsaneh Safari Mirghaleh; Khadijeh Khalili; Seyed Hassan Tabatabaei

Applicatiom of mineralography and fluid inclusion data to determine the formation conditions of porphyry copper deposit, NE Arak

Volume 3, Issue 12, March 2013, Pages 15-32

Farimah Ayati; Houshang Asadi Harouni; Hashem Bagheri; Mahin Mansouri Esfahani