Author = Mohammad Ali Mackizadeh
Mineralogical and geochemical studies of intrusive body of Ghohroud

Volume 4, Issue 15, March 2014, Pages 97-104

Afsaneh Badr; Mohsen Tabatabai Manesh; Mohammad Ali Mackizadeh; Mehdi Hashemi; Batoul Taghipour

Studies of magmatic evolution and petrogenesis of the granitoid bodies of Yazd

Volume 4, Issue 16, February 2014, Pages 87-104

Javad Ghanei Ardakani; Hossein Mehdizadeh Shahri; Ali Darvishzadah; mohamadail makizade

The occurrence of tourmaline in Kuh Zar (Baghoo) Au-Cu mine, south of Semnan province

Volume 3, Issue 9, June 2012, Pages 57-70

Khadijeh Khalili; Mohammad Ali Mackizadeh