Author = Hesam Moeinzadeh
the origin of Abgarm ultramafic complex (South of Kerman province)

Volume 11, Issue 3, December 2020, Pages 1-20


Raziyeh Alipour; Hesam Moeinzadeh; Hamid Ahmadipour

Geochemistry and Petrogenesis of lower to middle Paleozoic alkaline lamprophyre dikes of Hour Village, north east of Kerman

Volume 5, Issue 20, January 2015, Pages 147-162

Davoud Raeisi; Seyed Hesam-aldin Moeinzadeh Mirhosseini

Evaluation of evolution and emission of Gandom Berian’s basaltic flows-north of Shahdad, Kerman

Volume 4, Issue 13, April 2013, Pages 81-98

Davoud Raeisi; Seyed Hesam-aldin Moeinzadeh Mirhosseini; Ahmad Abbasnejad; Sara Dargahi