Keywords = granite
Petrography, geochemistry and tectono-magmatic setting of the dykes of the north and the west of Zahedan (Southeast Iran)

Volume 8, Issue 31, December 2017, Pages 147-164


habib Biabangard; Mehrnaz Fatameian; Ali Asghar moridi; Mohammad Reza Bakhshi Mohabi

Petrography and petrology of the Ayghalesi granite, east of Takab area (northwest of Iran)

Volume 8, Issue 29, June 2017, Pages 37-52


Saeed Kamran; Ahmad Jahangiri; Robab Hajialioghli; Mohsen Moayyed

The lanthanide tetrad effect in granitoid of the Alvand Intrusive Complex, Hamedan

Volume 7, Issue 28, February 2017, Pages 21-32


Farhad Aliani; Zahra Sabouri Ranjbar; Mirmoahmmad Miri

Mineralogy, petrogenesis and tectonic setting interpretation of Kuh-e-Sarhangi area granites (northwest of Lut block)

Volume 6, Issue 21, April 2015, Pages 179-199

Ali Yasaghi; Mohsen Nasrabady; Mohammad Mohajjel