Keywords = Garnet
Geochemistry of REEs and reconstruction of structural formula of Baba-Nazar garnet index, Takab, W.Azarbayedjan, Iran

Volume 6, Issue 23, October 2015, Pages 83-96

Pariva Shirmohammadi; Yousef Rahim Souri; Samad Alipour

REE geochemistry in skarn garnets from Khut and Panah-Kuh Ore feposit, West of Yazd

Volume 4, Issue 13, April 2013, Pages 47-66

Azam Zahedi; Mohammad Boomeri; Mohammad Ali Mackizadeh

Evaluation of evolution and emission of Gandom Berian’s basaltic flows-north of Shahdad, Kerman

Volume 4, Issue 13, April 2013, Pages 81-98

Davoud Raeisi; Seyed Hesam-aldin Moeinzadeh Mirhosseini; Ahmad Abbasnejad; Sara Dargahi