Keywords = Epithermal
Geochemistry and microthermometry of fluid inclusions of Cu and Fe mineralization in North Khour volcanic rocks, Eastern Iran

Volume 12, Issue 4, February 2022, Pages 31-50


Golamreza Fotoohirad; Mohammad Hossein Yousefzadeh; Hossein Abbasiniazabadi

Geology mineralogy, structure and texture of Agh-Otagh base- precious metal mineralization (North Takab)

Volume 8, Issue 30, September 2017, Pages 157-180


Nahid Rahmati; Mir Ali Asghar Mokhtari; Mohamad Ebrahimi; Ghasem Nabatian

Mineralography and chemistry of sulfides in Chah Nali Au-bearing silicic veins, north Bazman, southeast of Iran

Volume 6, Issue 22, July 2015, Pages 49-70

Mohammad Boomeri; Habib Biabangard; Kazuo Nakashima; Mohammad Javad Gholami