Keywords = Urumieh-Dokhtar
Mineral chemistry and petrogenesis of the Gurgur Mount volcanic rocks (Northeast Takab)

Volume 7, Issue 28, February 2017, Pages 33-54


Dariush Esmaeily; Niloofar Nayebi; Mansour Ghorbani; Davoud Raeisi

Petrography, mineral chemistry, thermobarometry and the determination of magmatic series in the Ghohroud intermediate enclaves, South of Kashan

Volume 5, Issue 20, January 2015, Pages 127-146

Seyed Hassan Tabatabaei; Seyed Mohsen Tabatabaei manesh; Ali Ghasemi

Petrography and mineral chemistry of volcanic rocks in Kuh-e-Siah (North of Gavkhuni lagoon, SE of Isfahan)

Volume 4, Issue 15, March 2014, Pages 17-38

Bahareh Fazeli; Ghodrat Torabi; Farimah Ayati

Mineralogical and geochemical studies of intrusive body of Ghohroud

Volume 4, Issue 15, March 2014, Pages 97-104

Afsaneh Badr; Mohsen Tabatabai Manesh; Mohammad Ali Mackizadeh; Mehdi Hashemi; Batoul Taghipour