Keywords = Uromieh-Dokhtar magmatic zone
Rb/Sr and Sm/Nd isotope geochemistry and petrogenesis of Mishu granitoid rocks, northwest of Iran

Volume 6, Issue 24, January 2016, Pages 87-114

Malihe Shahzeidi; Mohsen Moayyed

Petrogenesis of post-collisional Plio-Quaternary adakitic rocks in south of Tabriz

Volume 6, Issue 22, July 2015, Pages 71-90

Farhad Pirmoahammadi Alishah

Petrogenesis of adakitic Plio-Quaternary post collision rocks, north of Sahand volcano (NW of Iran)

Volume 6, Issue 22, July 2015, Pages 157-172

Nasir Amel; Vahideh Jalili Ghareh Ghaye; Robab Hajialioghli; Mohsen Moayyed