Geochemistry and petrography of Chamatoo A-type granitoid, Eastern Gilan, North Iran

Volume 12, Issue 3, December 2021, Pages 101-128


Milad Rezania ye Komachaly; Mojgan Salavati; Saeid Hakimi Asiabar

Skarn mineralization in north part of Kal-e Kafi and its relation with Kal-e Kafi intrusive body

Volume 3, Issue 9, June 2012, Pages 107-126

Saeideh Ranjbar; Moussa Kalimi Noghreyan; Mohammad Ali Mackizadeh

Study of the intrusive body associated with Gowdal skarn (North of Ahar) and its comparison with other skarn granitoids

Volume 11, Issue 4, January 2021, Pages 111-134


Bahaedin Nakhjavani; Ali Asghar Calagari; Seyed ghafour Aavi; Kamal Siah Cheshm

Mineral chemistry and petrology of lamprophyric dyke in Guyposhti Mountain (northwest Maragheh-East Azarbaijan)

Volume 6, Issue 24, January 2016, Pages 115-130

Mousa Akbarzadeh Laleh; Nasir Amel; Mohsen Moayyed; Ahmad Jahangiri

Elements variations and the origin of fluids during the hydrothermal alterations in the Astaneh-Arak granitoid

Volume 2, Issue 7, June 2011, Pages 119-134

Rahimeh Mikaili; Moussa Kalimi Noghreyan; Mohammad Ali Mackizadeh; Batoul Taghipour

Reconstruction of deformation and metamorphism history in the Bultaq shear zone (Central part of Sanandaj-Sirjan zone)

Volume 6, Issue 22, July 2015, Pages 119-136

Alireza Nadimi; Mortaza Sharifi; Iman Rahmani Moghaddam; Seyed Mohsen Tabatabaei manesh

Evaluation of iron mineralization in Chahpalang index of Anarak, Central Iran

Volume 10, Issue 2, September 2019, Pages 121-148


Mehrdad Barati; Akram Ostadhosseini; Reza Alaei

Volcanological and Geochemical Features of the Products of Sabalan’s Last Eruption, NW Iran

Volume 10, Issue 1, June 2019, Pages 125-146


Reza Fahim Guilany; Seyed Jamal SheIhk Zakariaee; Ali Darvishzadeh; Mansour Vosoughi Abedini