Petrographic and mineral-chemistry of the magmatic-alteration zones South of Salafchegan

Volume 2, Issue 8, January 2012, Pages 1-20

Farimah Ayati; Moussa Kalimi Noghreyan; Mahmoud Khalili

Petrology of the Tekyeh-Bala area granite veins (northeast of Sonqor), some evidences for A2-type granitoids

Volume 3, Issue 9, June 2012, Pages 1-16

Farhad Aliani; Mohammad Maanijou; Mirmohammad Miri

Mineralogy and thermobarometry of metamorphic basement from the Kabul Block (Eastern Afghanistan)

Volume 10, Issue 4, December 2020, Pages 1-22


Ali Mohammad Ramezani; Mohsen Nasrabady; Kazem Gholizadeh; AmirMohamad Mosazai