Study of protolith of metabasites from Zayandehrood dam margin and river (Sanandaj-Sirjan zone) with emphasis on minerals chemistry


Department of Geology, Faculty of Sciences, University of Isfahan, Isfahan, Iran


Studied metabasites of The Zayandehrood River and Dam margin are located at about 100 km West of Isfahan town. These metabasites are part of the Sanandaj-Sirjan Structural zone including eclogites, amphibolites and green schists. Studies suggest that the eclogites were formed at high-pressure condition in eclogite facies and were finally changed to eclogitic amphibolites under the retrogressive metamorphism. Geochemical characteristics of immobile trace elements that are less affected by alteration and High-Pressure deformation suggest that the origin of these metabasites are mid oceanic ridge basalts (MORB). In fact, these eclogites are the same Neo-Tethys MORBs that caused by the subduction of the oceanic crust to beneath of the Iranian microcontinent were formed during a high to medium temperature, progressive dynamo-thermal regional metamorphism and then returned to the surface were transformed to the eclogitic amphibolites caused by retrogressive metamorphism. Along with final collision between Neo-Tethyan oceanic crust and the Iranian microcontinent at Late Cretaceous, an intense metamorphism phase occurred in the region and deeper high pressure metamorphic rocks were uplifted to the Surface.