.Mineral chemistry and thermobarometry of Marzroud- Nabi jan intrusive rocks (SW Kaleybar- NW Iran)

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1 Tabrizu university-Faculty geology-Department sinence

2 Geology Department of Tabriz University

3 Academic member/ Earth science Dep. Natural sciences Fac. University of Tabriz, Tabriz- Iran.



The Marzroud, Nabi jan intrusions are located in SW Kaleybar of NW Iran, Alborz-Azarbaijan zone. Intrusions are intruded into the Cretaceous volcanic and sedimentary rocks. The composition of plutons of Marzroud is gabbro-diorite to monzogranite and in Nabi jan areas is gabbro to graodiorite. the basis of mineral chemistry, the composition of clinopyroxenes is in diopsid range. Amphibole minerals are calcic in two area. Amphibole is actinolite in Nabi jan granodioritic body, tschermakitic hornblend in Nabi jan gabbroic body and is composition of amphibole, actinolitic hornblende in Marzroud monzogranitic body.The marzroud gabbrodiorite biotites with Fe/(Fe+Mg)>3 and are magnesio-biotites. The plagioclase composition is andesine - labradorite in Marzroud gabbrodioritic rock, andesine and K- feldspars occur as orthoclase in Marzroud monzogranitic rock. The plagioclase composition is andesine and oligoclase in Nabi jan granodiorite and andesine to bytonite in Nabi jan gabbroic body . The mineral chemistry of the biotite, amphiboles and pyroxenes indicate that this intrusions are calc-alkaline and have been crystallized in a subduction zone setting


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